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Entrepreneur's Impact Marathon

Solving Today's Challenges, Empowering Tomorrow's Impact

Round 1

November 11th, 2023

Round 2

December 2-3, 2023



The Entrepreneur's Impact Marathon (EIM) is an online business competition gathering like-minded bright individuals from all around the globe. We are focused on creating innovative solutions that tackle real-world problems and make a meaningful impact in the community or world, whether through products, services, operations, etc. This can include making a positive social and environmental change, addressing the food crisis, addressing water contamination, and much more!

Participants will have the opportunity to work through various stages of the competition, receive
feedback and mentorship from experienced business professionals, and compete for prizes. Join us to put your business ideas to the test and turn them into a reality.

An Opportunity Like No Other



Initial Submission (Round 1)
Participants will submit their initial version of the business plan. All requirements of the business plan should be fulfilled (see resources for details).
Submission Deadline:
November 11th, 2023 11:59pm EST

Judging Period

Judges read through round 1 submissions, provide feedback, and determine finalists that move on to the second round.

Finalists announced on November 25th, 2023 EST


Roadshow Presentation (Round 2) 
Finalists Teams should improve their business plan according to the feedback and prepare a 15 minutes roadshow (10 mins for presentation + 3 mins Q&A) around their business plan. Oral presentations take place in the weekend of December 2nd-3rd, 2023 EST.

Winners Annouced 

Judges review will take place and winners will be announced on December 10th, 2023 EST. Award certificates will be sent to competitor's emails. on De


Submission Requirements

Round 1 Business Proposal:

✓ Word Limit: 7500 words maximum 

✓ Font: 12-point font 
✓ Professional page format: The business report must include a table of content and page number
✓ The participant’s name, school, and group name should be included on the front cover
✓ The report should be current and original (Reference to the Integrity Policy
✓ All information should be accurate and meet the rubric
✓ All team members should actively take part in writing the report

Round 2 Presentation Information:
✓ There are 2 minutes to setup, 10 minutes to present, and 3 minutes for Q&As
✓ Slides limit: 30 pages (if slides are used)
✓ Points may be deducted if the presentation is over the time
✓ The presentation should be relevant to the business report
✓ All information in the business report should be revealed
✓ Visual aids, such as PowerPoints, can be used in the presentation
✓ All team members should participate in the presentation
✓ The judge will grade the presentation according to the rubric

Cash Prize

First Prize: 600 CAD 
Second Prize:
400 CAD 
Third Prize:
200 CAD 

Why Join?

- Level up your business knowledge and practice your pitching, problem-solving, and analyzing skills

- Great for college applications and boosting your resume

- Win cash prizes and meet like-minded peers

- Attend panels and workshops conducted by accomplished guest speakers

- Get comprehensive feedback on your submissions from experts



Anyone from 14-19 years old (flexible)

How many?

You have the option of doing it alone or in teams of 2-5. 


None. Any experience level is welcomed. This is a great learning opportunity where you can get feedback for improvement. 


Online on ZOOM


This competition is completely free of charge.


Submission forms and ZOOM links will be sent to you closer to the competition date. 

Email for any additional inquiries




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